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Katy Maslow loves art, plants, and cats. She is a maker, idea-haver, spontaneous-song-singer, and the best craft date you could have.  Katy received her BFA in Poetry & Creative Writing from Brooklyn College in 2007.  A book of poems and photos has been in the works ever since. 

Katy is the co-owner of Twig Terrariums, an award-winning plant-based venture that was established in 2010. As Twig’s owner and operator, Katy has gained a decade of experience in the Art of Plants. From designing and fabricating living decor and sculpture, to exploring horticulture as self care, at Twig she did it all. Yep, creative design, marketing, project management, new business development, yaknow, just running a small business. Mainly, she has created thousands of living dioramas using mosses and miniatures to make many people happy.

Katy’s business achievements and creations with Twig have been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and more. She co-authored Tiny World Terrariums, a step-by-step guide to easily contained life from STC Craft & Abrams Books, 2012. She was a Featured Artist at the Museum of Art & Design for their Otherworldly exhibit, as well as Guest Artist at the American Folk Art Museum. She has taught workshops with New York University, The New York Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Continuing Ed, New York Horticultural Society, and elsewhere.

She also had a few poems published way back when.

Katy created and curates The Artifats Collection, a visual collection and online archive of fat artists exclusively creating art from the fat experience.

Katy has been an active participant (ie, posts a lot of selfies that aren’t conventionally flattering and talks quite candidly about trauma) in the Body Positive and Fat Acceptance movements.


To sum it all up, Katy’s personal life is filled with what she loves: art, plants, and cats. She currently resides in a forgotten and boring corner of Brooklyn with an aging calico named Carrot, and two black kittens named Doom & Gloom.  

This field was a good field. Somewhere in New Jersey, we just had to pull over and celebrate this field. Thank you, field. You did me good.