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Everything but the when why how.

Katy Maslow is a born and bred Brooklynite with a lifelong case of wanderlust. She has lived all across the country, including long stints in Colorful Colorado and Virginia is for Lovers. She received her BFA in Poetry & Creative Writing from Brooklyn College in 2007. A book of poems is in the works.​

In the decade since, she has gained many years of experience in photography, copywriting, marketing, as well as creative design, display, installations, and product development. Nowadays, Katy’s greatest passion is making. At Twig, she hand-builds living sculptures with mosses and plants, landscaping in miniature by crafting tiny scenes in varying degrees of weird. For life, she currently resides in a forgotten corner of Brooklyn with her aging black cat, Herman, a calico named Carrot, and two black kittens named Doom & Gloom. ​

Things you should know? Back to first person. I’m committed to social justice. I’m dedicated to communication. I love cats, the arts, DIY crafts, women’s work, fat fashion, and more. You can often find me stopping to smell the roses.

Katy Maslow’s work at Twig involves creating living sculptures with plants and mosses. These creations have been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and more. She co-authored Tiny World Terrariums, a step-by-step guide to easily contained life from STC Craft & Abrams Books, 2012. She was a Featured Artist at the Museum of Art & Design for their Otherworldly exhibit. She has taught workshops with New York University, The New York Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Continuing Ed, New York Horticultural Society, and elsewhere.

Email kdkaboom333@yahoo.com if you want to.