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In her personal life, Katy Maslow is a writer, artist, miniature-maker, idea-haver, and spontaneous-song-singer. Professionally, she is a marketing witch, a brand development magician, and a creative enchantress. With over 20 years of experience in branding, copywriting, and marketing, Katy has demonstrated success across a variety of industries.

Katy is the creator of Twig Terrariums, an award-winning plant-based company that was established in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York. With her background in marketing and lifelong fascination with plants and miniatures, Katy developed a unique brand in the retail landscape, resulting in significant press, sales, & industry recognition. Her contributions helped to reshape the landscape of the plant industry, ushering in the age of the houseplant. From concept to completion, design to fabrication to shipping, curriculum to class, sales pitch to promotional campaign, Katy has proven herself as an asset to all aspects of a small business.

Katy’s business achievements and creations with Twig have been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and more. She co-authored Tiny World Terrariums, a step-by-step guide to easily contained life from STC Craft & Abrams Books, 2012. She was a Featured Artist at the Museum of Art & Design for their Otherworldly exhibit, as well as Guest Artist at the American Folk Art Museum. She has taught workshops with New York University, The New York Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Continuing Ed, New York Horticultural Society, and elsewhere.

Katy’s most recent venture, Mossoleum, is a combination of her love of miniatures, oddities, junque, and crafting small worlds. Created and curated in her Brooklyn apartment, this cabinet of curiosities is a labor of love, crafting a Little Shop of Horrors from her own possessions – Victorian cloches, vintage 60’s & 70’s planters, ships-in-bottles, unique natural elements, and her own bizarre creations.

Artifats is a collection of fat art made by fat artists. Curated and maintained by Katy Maslow, Artifats seeks to celebrate fat activism and fat culture through art created from the fat experience. In addition to a comprehensive resource for academics in fat studies, Artifats’ future includes curating a group show, publishing an art book, creating a peer review forum, and conducting a superfat-friendly artist retreat in Brooklyn, New York, including artist statement workshopping, artist-specific marketing practices, and consultation on personal brand imaging. Keep your eyes peeled!