About Me

Welcome! I’m the Katy Maslow in KatyMaslow.com.

I am an artist, writer, diorama-maker, and creative enchantress. I’ve had several businesses over the past twenty years and prior to that was a virtual marketing department for a multimedia company. I love flowers, my cats Doom & Gloom, and making websites. Get in touch!

More about me…

I was the innovator, co-owner, and miniature force behind Twig Terrariums, an award-winning plant-based company open from 2009 to 2019. I co-authored Tiny World Terrariums (Abrams Books, STC Craft), a comprehensive how-to guide on building terrariums that is an Amazon bestseller now in its third printing.

Building on my lifelong fascination with plants and miniatures, I developed a unique brand in the retail landscape, resulting in significant press, sales, & industry recognition. The New York Times described my early contributions as “...terrariums [that] marry the current rage for Victoriana with the growing interest in handmade crafts and all things do-it-yourself.” (Terrariums Make a Comeback)

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My business achievements and artistic creations have been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and more. I was a Featured Artist at the Museum of Art & Design for their Otherworldly exhibit, as well as Guest Artist at the American Folk Art Museum. I have conducted workshops with New York University, The New York Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Continuing Ed, New York Horticultural Society, and all around the country.

As the owner of Twig Terrariums, my work brought me to many events, conducting workshops, demonstrations, and entertaining the guests of clients, such as…

Miniature Artist & Diorama Maker

Mossoleum (moss·uh·lee·uhm) is a combination of my love of miniatures and storytelling. Commissions for dioramas are always welcome. Visit www.mossoleum.com and follow my work @mossoleumshop.

But wait, there’s more.

As an artist, I find myself immersed in many creative pursuits. I identify as a Fat Artist, and I created The Artifats Collection to represent this genre of art that receives very little space to exist in the art world.

The Artifats Collection: Fat Art made by Fat Artists. Artifats is dedicated to taking up space in the art world by only featuring the work of fat artists, prioritizing QTBIPOC, disabled, and superfat artists.  You can currently view Artifats on Instagram as well as support this work on Patreon!