It’s a Beautiful Day in Jerusalem!

it’s a beautiful day in jerusalem.
a little girl is holding pomegranates
to her shift like budding breasts
and a slew of boys are groping picking
at the flesh surrounding seeds
squeezing until the red juice steals
down her belly and around knotty knees to pool
between her dirty toes and above from the balconies
of two-level shacks the women are beating
dust from sheets and woven rugs
they’re singing in howls
and simultaneously spitting olive pits
into buckets bing! and chewing the split meat like cattle
so methodically ding! there are rabbis
walking past the crowd of boys
the strings streaming out of their wool pants
hands behind their backs and knowing nodding looks
the boys break up and there she stands abused
her muslin shift stained red
and her fists in place of the fruit
squeezing from her thumb-and-forefinger nipple
the remaining drops of juice
and she howls