How to Forget your Trauma

how to forget your trauma

before the study of words
there was the study of numb lips

how glory felt
when the pill that swallowed
you whole
kicked in and kicked out

all the memories
of his black hole trousers

salt is what my tongue remembered
so slips of paper
are what i gave
my tongue

and so the world colored
inside every line
a brilliance that his body

would never create
and for no girl
in his past or future –

they may taste the salt
but the salt
will never taste

of the color of indigo
as it did
in my mouth

so when i was the woman
they had turned me
(inside out and) into

i decided to study mouthfuls
of words, their music,
how they tasted
when uttered
as a beautiful string

but that
was well after
my adolescence
tasted every
foul substance

that men could provide