Creative Design, Copywriting, Email & Social Media Marketing. These are my specialties. I work one-on-one with clients, who range from individual artists, lovely luddites, seasoned professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs, to flesh out their online visual identity (okay, their branding), as well as their short term/long term goals. I pride myself on my collaborative skills, eye for composition, being solution-driven, and my dedication to the customer experience.

Let’s discuss how I can bring my effervescent charm and talents to your business, art practice, or personal brand. Get in touch, and tell me something about your hopes and dreams!

Online Visual Identity

For artists and entrepreneurs, YOU are your brand. Everything about your day is content creation, and what you need most is to focus on making what you make. That’s where I come in – I am a maker that helps other makers. From creating or revamping your social media and website presence, to creating your catalog or jazzing up your Etsy. My services are flexible and bountiful. Try me!


Sometimes the best way to write about yourself and what you do…is to let someone else write it. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a published poet at age 8. For over twenty years, I’ve been writing professionally. We’re talking all your marketing materials, newsletters, product descriptions, artist statements, pitch decks, you name it. So next time you reach for the thesaurus in frustration, think of me! Also think of me when you’re not frustrated. 🙂


I consider myself a marketing maven. It comes naturally to me! I love to connect, showcase, hype, promote, engage, interact, and by doing that create an online presence that is genuine, engaging, colorful, and that makes you look goooood. Marketing is all about emotion and captivating your audience. Most artists and business owners don’t naturally know how to promote themselves. I can teach you!

What I Can Do For You

  • Boost your personal or business brand with fresh visuals, copy, & engagement. 
  • Design compelling promotional & marketing materials for sales, social, & more.
  • Develop your brand as well as loyalty & engagement across all platforms.
  • Write creative, instructional, or informative copy. From product to sales to artist statements.
  • Create compelling content that is on brand & on point.
  • Critique your current brand image, online presence, sales presentations, workflow, & more. 
  • Research news in your field, articles, media, & social influencers pertaining to your field & focus.
  • Identify your competition & their marketing strategies, then adjust yours accordingly.
  • Connect & engage with your audience, industry, & colleagues in a thoughtful way. 

Industries I’ve Worked With

  • Art & Artists: Artist Statements, Printed Material, Online Portfolios, Marketing & Social
  • Horticulture & Houseplants: Step-by-Step Guides, Articles, Teaching, & Product Design
  • Staffing & HR: Job Postings, Training Documents, Client & Employee Communication
  • Interior Design & Construction: Project Summaries & Work-in-Progress Narratives 
  • Creative & Design: Marketing & Advertising, Digital & Print, B2B & B2C


  • New Clients: Free 15 Minute Phone/Facetime Session!
  • Brand Management & Marketing Consulting: $75 per hour (Project-based pricing also available)
  • Online Presence Review & Critique (3 Hours, includes 30 minute Facetime Session): $200
  • General Copywriting: $50 per hour
  • Social Media Marketing: Short Term & Long Term Project Based Pricing
  • Sliding Scale available based on need (Honor System). Prioritizing queer, transgender, superfat, disabled, and QTBIPoC clientele. Barter & Trade available to Artists, Makers, and Designers.

Examples of Previous Experience

Twig Terrariums, LLC: Created, Owned & Operated an Award-Winning plant-based company in Brooklyn, New York. My expertise and work have been featured in The New York Times (twice!), Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, Rachael Ray Magazine, NPR, and more. Twig was created from scratch and grew into an internationally renowned brand that became synonymous with terrariums, biophilia, and the first houseplant craze since the 1970s. We shifted the burgeoning-yet-reluctant plantlover retail landscape to herald the era of the Urban Jungle. Twig revolutionized the way people thought about plants in their home and office, creating Do-it-Yourself Kits and shipping terrariums and plants door-to-door before it was cool. What started at a flea market in Brooklyn quickly became a leading trend. When you hear terrarium, you think TWIG! 

In 2012, I co-authored Tiny World Terrariums (STC Craft & Abrams Books, 2012) which is an instructional and visual guide to building terrariums using plants, mosses, and succulents. Tiny World Terrariums is in its third reprint and is an Amazon bestseller! 

The Maslow Media Group, Inc.: Working directly with the CEO and VPs of Production, my role as Director of Online Services was to provide writing and design services for web content, job descriptions & postings, client presentations, internal documents, and more.  I managed and maintained the website and all social media platforms. I am most proud of the work I did to transform the aging TvGigsOnline Listserv into one of the hottest job posting/sourcing sites in the Washington, DC-Area multimedia industry, ushering thousands of freelancers to MMG’s website to join their staffing database. Employers seeking to post jobs to TvGigs quickly became MMG clients, boosting engagement and sales across the board. MMG was named the leading and highest grossing Video Production Company in DC for ten years in a row. I was lovingly referred to as The Gigmeister by subscribers. 

KD Designs: My role was to provide freelancers and artists with an online presence. Most clients only had stodgy business cards with typos or aol handles, or old portfolios in a plastic binder. My role was to introduce these clients to the internet. To digital media. To the modern age. I began with designing simple logos, securing domains, creating website portfolios and social media accounts, then progressed into writing web content and narratives for project summaries. I also provided photography services for before and after shots, finished pieces, works in progress, and stories from “behind the scenes” of art studios and construction sites.  Working one-on-one with artists and contractors to find their “online voice” was very rewarding! 

Let’s build something great together.

Image Credit Attribution to Free Pik